Friday, August 24, 2012

Clip of the Week

One of the good things about going on vacation is that I now have two weeks worth of material for Clip of the Week, some of which I'm choosing to hold back until next week, because I can.

So while I could choose to make fun of NBC's coverage of the Olympics by posting this unfortunately timed promo for an NBC show, NBC's way too easy a target, and we've all moved on by now anyway (which means that this volleyball play, cool as it may have been, is also out of the running, as is this interactive graphic about the 100-meter dash).

I'm also going to pass on the baseball highlights (and lowlights) for now, because I'm sure we'll have plenty of them to choose from over the coming weeks as the pennant races heat up. So, sorry, Roger Bernadina... but keep up the good work.

I gave serious consideration to Jimmy Fallon's Jim Morrison impression, as he does a Doors version of the Reading Rainbow theme—I find Fallon to be extremely annoying, but he's at his absolute best when he's doing this kind of stuff—but I chose instead to give this week's clip to the world's fastest birds.

This clip is mesmerizing, and it involves animals, two things that I'm always a sucker for in Clip of the Week. So blow this up full screen and enjoy. It's pretty awesome.

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