Friday, February 24, 2012

Song of the Week(end)

This week's Song of the Week(end) actually follows loosely in the theme of my last post, about baseball's forgotten (or underappreciated) former stars.

You see, one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to watch old movies--not necessarily great old movies, or old favorites, but solid-if-not-spectacular movies from my childhood that I'd completely forgotten about. It's interesting to see how well some of these movies hold up over time (many of them, not well), and sometimes even more fascinating to watch actors I'd long since forgotten about or their excellent alternative, eventual stars in early-career roles that you'd forgotten existed (think Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise).

Then, there are the soundtracks--I swear I've watched So I Married an Axe Murderer a thousand times, in large part because the soundtrack cracks me up every time. Which, finally, leads me to the point of this post. This weekend, I sifted through the old DVD rack and settled on The Saint, a semi-entertaining action flick with Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue. I got a kick out of re-watching it (hey, I know that guy, he was in EuroTrip!), and the soundtrack had a couple of treats as well.

Treats like this song, which I'd completely forgotten about, but is now your Song of the Week(end). Take it away, Sneaker Pimps.

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