Friday, February 17, 2012

Clip of the Week

Man, I am just a day late on everything recently... story of my life. So today, you'll be getting a Clip of the Week, a Song of the Week(end), and maybe even a bonus blog rant if I get around to it (hint: it involves communism).

So first, your Clip of the Week. I really wanted to go the animal route with this one, by posting this video of a dolphin doing bad things. I also could've gone the sports route with this impressive goal from Cristiano Ronaldo (whom I really dislike).

But Linsanity is one of the most amazing and unexpected things to ever happen to Harvard athletics, and as a lifelong Harvard sports fan (and former Crimson athlete myself), I have to cash in on this frenzy before it pisses everyone off like Tebowmania. (Ah, crap, too late, Sarah Palin ruined it for everyone already. Thanks, Sarah. You're the best.) 

Whatever. Here's Jeremy Lin, in the days before Linsanity, teaching all you folks at home how to get into Harvard. Take notes, people, this is invaluable information.

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