Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clip of the Week

Well, I was all set to post this clip up here for Clip of the Week (that kid kills it, and I'm glad to see that the younger generation still appreciates MJ's pre-crazy greatness), but somebody stole it, so... let's see what else we've got.

We had this incredible U-17 soccer game (wait around for the last goal, it's worth it), this guy surfing the world's longest wave, and I also considered saluting the final launch of NASA's 30-year-old space shuttle program, since I'm a sentimental guy (and I'm also hoping that my 30th birthday will draw half the attention of the space shuttle program's, with a little less of the finality).

But while all of those were worthy competitors, once in a while I watch something that just absolutely baffles me. This is one of those times. Watch this video and you'll see a 3D printer perfectly replicate a working wrench... by printing it. I'm still not sure I fully appreciate exactly what's going on here. Just watch.


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