Friday, July 1, 2011

Clip of the Week

Whoops. In my haste to get in the car yesterday and get out of Virginia for the 4th, I wrote this week's Clip of the Week post, but then forgot to click "Publish". I hope you'll forgive me.

This week was unfortunately a little light on content, unless you like watching a guy score from first on a bloop single to win the game--which I do. We did have this clip of a guy racing his car around Manhattan in what is apparently a record time of 26 minutes (but, since driving 100+ mph on FDR Drive is clearly illegal, who really keeps track of this stuff? It's like claiming you hold the record for smoking the most crack in a weekend... it's cool and all, but who's gonna be dumb enough to contradict you? I digress...), but the video is only really entertaining if you've lived in New York and can appreciate how fast and how far this guy is going.

So we'll go with something that everyone can appreciate, which is the greatest ceremonial first pitch I've ever seen at a baseball game. I know what you're thinking... what could possibly be better than John Wall's performance at Nationals Park earlier this month? And you'd be raising a good point, but trust me... this is better.

Without further ado, let's throw it out to San Diego's beautiful Petco Park, for a ridiculous first pitch from some random Cirque du Soleil performer, who must have been a pitcher in a former life. What impresses me the most isn't so much his "unique" windup, but the fact that he threw a strike, which distressingly few ceremonial first pitchers are capable of doing. Good work, pal. And hey... nice outfit.

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