Friday, November 30, 2012

Clip of the Week

Time to go into the weekend strong with a couple of posts. First up is your Clip of the Week, which was basically uncontested this week.

We did have a bunch of cool videos shared by Barry Ritholtz, including this clip from Switzerland (anyone wanna go there with me? It looks pretty awesome and I hear they've got universal health care...), this compilation of a cappella theme songs, this very cool presentation of time-lapse photography, and this collection of some of the greatest soccer goals ever (my vote goes to Zidane... ridiculous).

But my favorite clip from this week was most definitely this extended advertisement for The Guardian (the U.K. media outlet), which borrows from the Three Little Pigs to illustrate a point. This is amazing, and it honestly comes across as almost a self-parody of the media industry and its role in society. For better or for worse, this is what today's media world is, and how it operates. Enjoy.

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