Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quote of (This) Week

As I'm still catching up around here, it's now time for this week's Quote of the Week (as opposed to last week's Quote of the Week, which I posted yesterday). This one is from one of the coolest golfers in the world, Miguel Angel Jimenez. This guy looks like a cartoon character, he's always smoking a cigar, and now he's the oldest guy to win a tournament on the European Tour. He's the best.


"There is maybe olive oil in my joints, and drinking the nice Rioja wine and those things keeps me fit and flexible... Well, the most important thing (is), I do what I like to do in my life, and golf has given me all of this pleasure."
                              - Golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez

What a fantastic line. Seriously, I love this guy. He's got an awesome attitude about everything, and he's also terrific at what he does. Congrats to him for continuing to play golf at the highest level.


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